Teenage girls holding 3rd Dan in Africa

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  • Black lion club students with Bethlehem and Jerusalem

    The first teenage girls to have 3rd Dan(degree) in Africa are Bethlehem Solomon and Jerusalem Solomon. They are twin sisters who live in Africa and their nationality is Ethiopian.
    The twins started learning Teakwon-do at the age of 8 in Black lion  club in Addis Ababa, trained by international instructor  Sabum Mesele Wedajo
    . Both Bethlehem and Jerusalem have been doing the art of teakwon-do for the last ten years. They have been granted the third degree based on the rules and regulations of teakwon-do in 2015.

    As a girl and a teenager they have come to become where they are now by facing the hardships and difficulties together. “My father was the one who pushed us and persuaded us when we come to the adge……..there were hard times that feels like the end but I always kept in mind that the best is yet to come” was the answer of Bethlehem for what kept her going every day.

    The first 3rd Dan junior girls in the martial Art of African ITF let the teakwon-do one step ahead.


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